Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Trading Spaces

Well here it is Tuesday already.

Backing up to last week a bit.....
I first want to mention how much fun I had with my friends on our monthly Thursday night get together at our local scrapbook store. Its always fun getting together with them at any time, even if its only for a few hours during the week. It was the highlight of my week that is for sure. I truely am blessed with some wonderful friendships.

Friday my MIL took me shopping. She bought me several new outfits. A skirt/blouse, pants/shirt, shorts/shirt and then I bought myself 2 more shirts/shorts. I got most of it from the Fashion Bug. I really do love that store. Friday night, I just hung out at home. Did a little cleaning to my scrapbook room. Its a never ending job.

Ok, now for the weekend fun. I may have mentioned in past post that my DS got a job working at our local City street Dept. Well its really a great job. The money and the benefits are not too bad for a single guy his age. However, its not going to pay for everything he needs right now. Or should I say everything he wants. He wants to move out into his own apartment, he wants a new vehicle to drive, he wants a new computer, he wants, he wants, he wants. The problem is not that he cannot have what he wants, but that he wants what he wants, RIGHT NOW!!!! He has only been on the job now 3 weeks. He already wants to move out of the house. We set with him last week and talked to him about waiting a few months to make sure he likes his job and they like him and that he wait till after he gets all his mandatory license ect... Just give himself some time to adjust. His reason for moving out is because he feels cramped in his little house. Now when I say little house, I mean little house. My DH built me a craft room a few years ago out in the backyard. Its a 10x12 metal shed which he turned into a really nice craft room. Insulated and the whole works. Very sweet little craft room. Well last year, DS came and ask if he could move out of the house and into this building. He wanted to trade me spaces. His room for my crafts and my room for his big ole self. At first I was not excited about the move, but knew he needed his own space. After a day or so thinking, I decided it might also be nice to have my stuff in the house. So I said "Lets do it" Now when I say 10x12, I mean 10 ft wide by 12ft long. Now ceiling to floor is a whole different measurement. It is probably only about 5' 6" tall give or take. My son is 6' 1". So you can see why he would be slightly cramped. He cannot stand up straight. He has to come in and immediately sit. Now when he came and ask to move into my building, we talked about how short the ceiling was and he said no problem that he did not need to stand. I kind of thought that was going to get old, but DS is the type of person who has to figure things out through his own experience. So we made the move and all was very happy. I was especially happy, cause I got a whole new craft room twice the size. We totally put in new flooring, painted and decorated. It worked out perfect for me, cause its in the front of the house and we also use it for our office space, homeschooling and my scrapbooking. DS was very happy cause he had his own house. As small as it might have been, it was his house. LOL!!!! He could have friends over, turn up his music, come and go as he pleased. Whatever. He loved it!!! Well up until recently. He now suddenly started feeling the need to have more space with taller ceilings. He also started making friends with taller kids. LOL!!! So he came to me and said, "Mom I want to get my own apartment. I found one for 700.00 a month." You know what I said "YIKES!!!! DS you cannot afford a apartment for 700.00 a month, plus all of your other bills, and a car and have money left for all of your wants. Remember all of your wants that we talked about." So the fight was on. He was not happy with my response and I was not happy with his response to my response. After much argument, he finally realized that I was right and that moving out right now was not the best idea. But did express how miserable he was in that small cramped space. I totally understood. I offered him to move back into the house in the guest bedroom. But you know that once you get a taste of freedom, its hard to think about moving back in with your parents. Even if it is just in the backyard. So DH and I sit and talked about his situation and what we could do to help him. DH has a building in the backyard as well. Its a very nice, very big building that he built a few years ago. He initially built it as a work shop. A place he could put all of his tools ect... But then he started playing poker and so he turned it into more of a game room where him and his friends gather every Friday night for poker. I am talking a very nice game room. Totally insulated, refrig, microwave, cable tv, air conditioning, heat, ceiling fan, walk-in closet, everything. Its about a 14x20 wood building and has very tall ceilings. It even has a attic in it. So that will give you a idea of how nice it is. He really spent lots of time fixing it up. So now you know what I am about to say next. Yes, he offered DS his game room. What a man!!! What a dad!!! to give up his space for the happiness of his son. At first DS said no. He did not want to take his dads place. He knows how much his dad loves his building. But after spending some time with him talking about it all, he did finally agree. He actually got really excited. So Saturday morning early DH and DS got up and started trading spaces. What a job. I just sit by and watched for the most part. It really was a entertaining event. After a while I left and did some grocery shopping ect.... came back and it was done by early evening. All of DH's stuff was in my craft building, and all of DS stuff was now in the poker building. What a difference. It was awesome for DS. My MIL gave him her old/ but nice couch. I gave him my old/but nice dining room table. His bed fit in the cubby of the building, so he had big open space for table. Couch along the wall. Refrig, microwave on top of frig, chest in the closet. Now he has a cute little efficiency apartment with tons of space. It was a great sacrifice, a huge job, but my son is happy and it will be worth it all if he will stay home a little longer. Even if its for only 6 months longer. He just needs some time to adjust to his job and really I would like to see him get a new vehicle to drive, before he moves away from home. His jeep he drives now,is our old, old vehicle and it has seen its day. We figure it want last much longer. So now he is hopfully in a happier place now and all is well for a while longer.

Sunday, for Mothers Day we had planned to go and visit a new Church with my MIL. She wants to try a church down the street, but did not want to go her first time alone. So we thought we would go with her for Mothers Day. We figured what better day than Mothers Day to visit a new church. However, on Saturday, DH fell twice on his knee. It was very humorous actually. I was sitting on the swing cleaning my dogs ears and he comes out holding his leg. I am like "What happen" He was like "I just fell off the ladder" I am like "How" and he said "I was climbing up to the attic on the attic ladder and the steps just collapsed out from under me. He said I just fell straight down. I suddenly felt 3 inches shorter when my feet hit the ground" I said "Oh my goodness, are you ok?" as I held back laughing. LOL!!!! The thought of that just totally tickled me for the next hour. He appeared to be ok. Then later that day, he was standing up on the bed taking down a shelf and somehow his feet got twisted up in the mattress and off the bed he flew. LOL!!! Right there in front of me. He was so graceful in his landing. He just kind of tucked and rolled, off the bed, but then landed on his poor knee. Again I was like "Are you ok?" He kind of rolled back and forth on the floor, but then again was up and appeared ok. As the day progressed, he begin to get a limp. Said his knee was hurting. That night he put ice on it and by morning, he was hardly able to walk. So he may have appeared ok, but really he was not so ok. It was hurting him most of Sunday. Even still, DD and him made me breakfast in bed, which was wonderful, and then lunch/dinner he cooked fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and salad for his mother and myself. What a treat. I did not have to cook or clean the kitchen the entire day. He and the kiddos bought me another cartridge for my Cricut and he got me and my MIL a fragrance Oil burner (see above photo) with vanilla, pomegranate and orange fragrances. He had already gotten me 2 cartridges last weekend, but felt like he needed something to give me actually on Mothers Day. What a sweetie. I loved both items and I really love him!!! He is such a good man. We stayed home the entire day. I took a nap, we watched movies. Just had a nice relaxing day at home with my family.

Monday, he stayed home from work. His leg was still sore and we started our Fiber 35 diet once again and by the book this time. The first thing it recommends is to do a body cleanse. I want even go there, but know, that you do not need to be too far from home when you first start these. Luckily it is only that way for the first 2 or 3 days until your system adjust to it.
He is also home today too, mostly because of the cleanse, but because of his back and leg being so sore. I feel terrible for laughing now, that I know he really did hurt himself. Ok so I have a sick sense of humor. LOL!!! Anyway, I guess that is it. We walked Sunday night and last night for 30 minutes around our neighborhood. A very nice walk. Not extremely fast, but fast enough to get a sweat going. On a cleanse you are not suppose to stress the body. Its already under some stress as it is cleansing out the toxins from your system. So you are suppose to relax and stay pretty calm during the time you are on the cleanse. So we did not walk extremely fast, but I felt like we did some good. Now I am off to get me something to eat for breakfast. My tummy is saying "FEED ME" I also have to get busy working on my stamp projects for this coming weekend. Have a awesome day/week!!!!

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