Thursday, May 24, 2007

This and That

And a whole lot of nothing much. Yep that's right. Other than taking my MIL on a quick trip to the doctor, this week was chill week. I have done some reading in my book and I am loving that. I tried to work on my crochet, but my threads are tangled in my bag and I figure I did not need the stress of trying to untangle them, so I put it aside. I am in a monthly card swap, and decided to take a few days and get that done and in the mail. Here is the card I did.

It was the most fun I have had making a card in a while. I used my Cricut (aka Oodles) to make the front. Just a click of a few buttons, a few pink stones and a bow and I had this fabulous front for my card. Soooooo easy. The inside of the card is a cute little balloon stamp that I stamped 3 times and then here is the great part. Something I learned this weekend from my stamp retreat. I stamped the balloons on to pattern paper and then cut them out and pasted them into the stamp balloon on my card. Instant color and it matches my front. I then added a little stickles to the dots to give my card some bling and then another bow. Great fun!!! Easy and fun. My two favorite words. Well that and "the foods ready" I love those words too.

Speaking of food. The body cleanse is going well and is almost over. No weight loss, but I feel lots better. Kind of been in a real tranquil relaxed mood the last few days. That was what I wanted from it the most. I needed to de-stress a bit. Its been a stressful 6 months or so with school and some other stuff and I needed to just take some time to de-stress. Today I spent a little time pampering my personal self. You know the shaving of important areas, facial, lotion, plucking. All the things us women do to look and feel beautiful. Not sure I look any more beautiful, but I sure do feel good right now. I am now ready for my scrapbook weekend. I will be spending the day with my girlfriends and cropping the day away. I think I will be working on yet another coaster book. I have made one for a friend, made one for a gift exchange and so I figure its time for me to make one for myself. So doing that and finishing up my other 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 friend book I started a few months ago will be what I bring on Saturday to work on. I am using the same paper for both projects as I used to make the card above. I just soooo love that paper and the colors of Pink, Black and lime Green. Its weird, cause I tend to be a warm colored person, but just adore these bright cheerful colors. It just reminds me of girlfriend stuff I guess. Things that make me think of my friends, makes me happy!!! So I guess that is why I love these colors.

So do you all watch American Idol? I love that show and I just want to say that I really hate this new recording technology that cable tv has now. I recorded it last night so that I could watch my other favorite show "Lost" Well after Lost, (which I was sadly disappointed in) I turn over to watch American Idol. It was a 2 hour special and it was so good. I loved that they brought back some of the other people from past shows. Well anywho, I am watching and it finally gets to the end where they announce the winner and guess what??? The stupid recording shut off. So I did not get to see who won. Can you believe that? Just shut off!!! No rhyme or reason!!! This happens often with that darn thing. I guess cause the show ran over or something. I don't know. Anyway, I had to turn to the Internet to see who won. I had a feeling girlfriend won, but I really wanted Blake to win. Yes I was a Blake fan from the get go. He just won my heart. Now I think the young girl was awesome and can sing great love songs, but I just love how Blake could keep you entertained. That's what I love. Entertainment. Anyway, I am ok with her winning cause I know both of them will go on and become great people. There was so much wonderful talent this time that it was hard to choose. Where there was not the greatest talent, there was great desire, spirit and fun personalities. Now lets talk "Lost" and "Greys Anatomy" ICKPOO on the endings. I just cannot imagine where they will go with either of these shows. Neither had grand finales so to speak. It was like they ended both shows with the idea of maybe not bringing them back. Like it was "THE END" kind of endings. I was very disappointed. Anyway, I am a loyal fan, so I will tune in regardless of how they ended the season. I will look forward to what they have to come even if they did not drag me to the edge of my seat. Speaking of dragging me to the edge of my seat. Now "Desperate Housewives" had a very interesting ending. I just cannot see that sophisticated, motivated, and very confident Edie hanging herself. Good grief. I cannot believe a women like that would let a man like Carlos drive her over the edge. Now he is good looking and all, but he is not the grand piano. So I am kind of interested in seeing what happens with that.

My other plans for the weekend besides scrapbooking. Going to the movies to see "Pirates of the Caribbean" Oh yea!!! I love those Pirates. OOOOLALA!!! Who can resist!!! Not me, I will be there, but not till the end of the weekend. It will be way to crowded on Friday or Saturday. So I plan to go with my family to Sunday Matinee. I cannot wait!!! I am sad to know though, that it will be the last. However, in order for it to stay a favorite, it has to end. Otherwise it will be like Friday the 13th or Rocky. After a while the show MUST END.

Ok, that is it for my This and Thats of today. Time to go to the grocery store for dinner food. Enjoy your weekend people!!!

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