Monday, May 21, 2007

A Stamping Good weekend

I just had the most wonderful weekend with old and new friends. We had our Angel Stamp gathering this weekend. We stamped our little hearts out. There were so many awesome projects and I learned some really great stamping techniques. Did not realize all the things I could be doing with these many stamps I have collected over the past 2 years. We ate lots of food and chocolate, danced to YMCA and various other songs, we laughed, had deep conversations about life and friendships, made new friendships and stamped, stamped and stamped some more. I was completely worn out from all the fun. What a great way to be tired though.

We also received some really great prizes and gifts. I could not say there was a favorite project or gift. I think all of them were my favorite. The few ladies setting with me at my table could vouch for that. I think everything I picked up, I announced was my favorite. It was very humorous!!!

Yesterday I did as God commanded we do on the Sabbath and I rest!!! That's all I did all day. Rest!!!! I did not realize how stamping could make a person so tired. It was either that or all the carbs I ate. Yes sugar can give you energy, but to much sugar can make you tired. I do believe I had to much sugar. Good sugar, but to much. I will probably spend the rest of the week trying to recover from my over indulging.

I think the rest of this week I plan to clean up my scrapbook room, read some more from a book I started months ago called "SisterChicks on the Loose" and do some stuff with my crochet. I need to take a break from scrapbooking for a few days to regenerate my mind. I have a all day crop on Saturday that I need to be refreshed and ready for. I will check in later this week hopefully. Everyone have a blessed week!!!

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