Thursday, April 12, 2007

All for one, One for All!!!

Yesterday was such a fabulous day!!! My DH took half the day off and he, my DS, DD, and myself, all went out for lunch and to the movies. We have not done something like that in a very long time. We went to some little hole in the wall for off the diet burgers and fries. My DS had been raving about this place for months and so we decided what the heck and go with him. When I say hole in the wall, I mean hole in the wall. There were 3 booths and the kitchen. That was it. The food was fabulous. I felt my heart clogging as I ate. We got these giant handmade burgers and the french fries were the old fashioned fries. YUM!!!! The best part was, it was not crowded. LOL!!!! Anyway, the guy that owns the place was so friendly. Defiantly will go back when I feel the need to reload my artierys!!!! We then went thrifty shopping at the local thrift store. We each found some good bargain's. Then we left there and went to my friend Regina's costume store and I tried on several costumes. She is having her 35Th birthday at "The Magic Time Machine" and so she wants all of us ladies to go in costume. I wanted to go as Raggedy Ann, but she could not find a costume to fit me. I guess there are no Plus Size Raggedy Anns. Then she tried to get me to wear a Mother Goose outfit. Needless to say, that did not happen. I looked more like Humpty Dumpty!!! So then we went into the Renaissance dresses and either they were too tight or they made my boobs look like Dolly. I could not even see my feet. Then she brought out a Musketeer looking outfit and so I thought, Ok I can be a lady musketeer. I am going to be more of the Tom Boy Lady because I will be wearing pants rather than a dress. This way I can ride a horse. LOL!!!! If I need too!! So after that little fun event, we headed to the movies. We saw the movie "Blades of Glory" All I can say is SILLY, SILLY MOVIE. Of course what did I expect with Will Ferrell and Jon Heder. Talk about a couple of nuts. I must admit, they did make me laugh. After that, we went over to Star Bucks for a much needed frappicino. Then back home again, because I was exhausted from my day of running around. We did have a great time though. My son is 19 and so there are very few times when he is willing to spend the day with Mom, Dad and baby sister. So it was a real treat.
Today I am not sure what I will do, but if I do something as exciting as yesterday, I will let you know. My DH is on vacation the rest of this week and next, so there is no telling what we might do. I will keep you posted. Everyone have a awesome day!!! TTFN

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