Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Vacation Week Thus Far!!!

Ok, I am just going to warn you now, this is going to be a long post. I have so much to share and the reason for this is, because I have not been on my blog since last week. So here goes.....

The first thing I want to share, is that I finally got my Fiber 35 diet book in. I have waited 3 weeks for this book. Its been a very popular book. Anyway, I started reading it right away and I am about half way through the book. It is a awesome book full of great information about the importance of Fiber. I recommend it to anyone to read, even if you are not interested in dieting. Its just great info to know. I plan to really get serious with this diet next week. This week my hubby is home on vacation and there is just no way we can focus on diet. I have to have routine, and there is no routine when he is home. So this week I read, and next week I start. We sorta started a week ago, but really had no clue as to what we were doing. Now that I know what we are suppose to be doing and have a plan to follow, I am ready.

So what else have we been up too..... I have to sort out my thoughts, cause I have been doing so much. Oh yea, I know what I want to share. I decided it is time to get myself more organized. So I started with my huge stamp collection. You saw in the post before this one that my husband built me a great shelf to hold my wooden stamps. Well that got me to thinking about my unmounted stamps and how unorganized they were. So I decided to do some surfing to see how other people organized their stamps. So after several days and gathering information from several different people, I decided to put them in a 3 ring binder. Well most of my stamps have ez mount on them and when I put them in the notebook, it was very bulky. So then I gave it some more thought and searched some more ideas and decided to take the ez mount off and use the Tack it over and over. What a job!!! It was very hard to remove the ez mount. Much harder than I ever expected. One of my very dear friends thought I was crazy for doing this, because the ez mount gave me the cushion I needed for better stamping. I thought about this and decided that when you purchase acrylic stamps, there is no cushion, so why do I need cushion for rubber stamps??? Besides, even with cushion, I am still a very bad stamper. The cushion does not make it any better for me. So off came the ez mount and on came the Tack it over and over. I was very pleased with the results. They all fit in my 3 ring binder so very neatly and now I can easily view my stamps with just a turn of the page, rather than digging through CD's and containers looking for what I need. I went from 25 of these, to 5 8 1/2 x 11 sheets. Now that is not all of my stamps, but that is all the stamps I had in CD cases. Talk about freeing up some shelf space.

I used transparency sheets to stick my stamps on and then slide those into page protectors, which had a plastic sheet for sturdiness. Here is what I used below.

Plus Avery transparency sheets.

Here is the results.
25 Cd's to 5 page protectors of stamps. Now there are stamps on both sides of each sheet. I love it!!! The tack it over and over sticks very well to the transparency. I can just pull out the transparency, take off the stamp and slide it back the protector very easily. Then stick the stamp on my block and stamp away. Now since I have just done this, I cannot tell you the specifics of the tack it over and over, but I have read from other users, that it does eventually loose its stickiness. When that happens, all you do is just clean it with UnDu and reapply. Not a big deal. I have ton more stamps to do, but I needed to take a break. Its not easy to remove that ez mount.

So while taking my break from this project, I decided I needed to clean my scrapbook room. It was a mess. So I moved things around, and cleaned off my tables, and now I have a clean room again. Here is pictures of my now clean scrapbook/stamp/homeschool room.

Now you may say to yourself after you preview this slide, that its not that clean Jeanie. Well let me tell you, its a lot cleaner than it was. Yes it lacks some organization, but at least I can see the tables. I do love my room!!! I feel very lucky to have such a fun place to hang out.

Sunday, we made a trip to the library to find me the video on how to crochet granny squares. Yes, I have checked out this video before and its a great video. but guess what? Someone else is using it right now. I guess they needed to learn this technique as well. So bummer, I have to wait. I did manage to get a few books on Crochet and another video, which I have not had time to watch. We left there and went to Michaels, where I had to purchase me some new yarn for my future granny squares. Like I need more yarn!!! Well sure I do. Thats a silly statement. I would show you my new yarn, but I think its better you wait till I actually start my squares. It will give you something to look forward too and me something to blog. LOL
Ok, now on to new stuff. Well sorta new stuff. Monday, hubby and I went to Michael's. Yes again to Michaels, but to a different Michaels. Now can a girl go to Michaels to many times in the same week. NO!!!! Its a different Michaels so really it should not count. We really needed an excuse just to take a small road trip and get out of town. So we decided to go in a another near town about 30 minutes away, called South Lake. Another one of my dear friends shared that it was a wonderful store and that they had some way better items than our local Michael's. So of course, I had to go there and see for myself. She was right. It was a great Michael's. Very organized and had way more things than our store. I went there with the mind to purchase those cute little 1.00 acrylic stamps that everyone was going wild about. After I got there and started looking around, I found more items than my buggy could hold. Sad, sad state of mind cause, I knew I had to make some choices. So rather than purchase more stamps, I ended up purchasing yet another bag.

What I mean by another bag is, I already have 2 of these awesome bags. I have a green and brown, a pink and brown and now a purple and brown. Now honestly can a scrapbooker have too many bags?? No way is my answer to that question!!! Sooooo, enough said on that subject...

Ok, I think that pretty much catches you up on the important things I have been up too the last few days. The rest of this week is going to be crazy. I will try to post tomorrow, but if I do not, than please be patient, cause I do plan to tune in later with some more exciting life happenings!!! Big Hugs and Smooches to all of you.

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