Thursday, April 05, 2007

I have a plan!!!

Surprise!!! I am back. This time with a plan for my blog. For the last few weeks I have been a blogaholic!!! Its been fun just surfing the net and reading and looking at all the great stamping blogs out there. I have not even ventured into the scrapbooking ones. That will be a whole different world I am sure. Anyway, it has made me realize that I too can use my blog to show off my love of scrapbooking and stamping and the many, many other hobbies and collections that I love. Before my great light bulb moment, I was thinking that I had to journal my days and let me tell you, that can sometimes be very boring to read. So now that I am thinking outside that little tiny box, I am excited that I have gotten the idea to share my addictions rather than just my thoughts of the day. So check back in a few days and hopefully I will have filled my blog with lots of fun and interesting things to read and look at. I have started out today with some of my favorite music on my nifty little mp3 player that I downloaded from Very cool site. Its free to join and if you put in my referral # 202371 when you register, I get more free music to add to my mp3 player. Yippy!!!! So go sign up!!! Ok, back to adding more music for your listening pleasure.

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