Monday, April 30, 2007

Shot at and Missed!!!

Ok, you little blogaholics, it has been brought to my attention that I have not updated my blog lately. I cannot believe how fast the past week has gone by. It was last Tuesday when I blogged last, and here it is almost Tuesday again. I totally apologize for my lack of post. So lets see, I need to back up a bit.......

Well for the most part last week, I was sick. I ended up not only loosing my voice, but totally having to go to bed for 2 days. I could barely get out of bed to go to the bathroom. Now most of my friends know that I am very sick if I go to bed. I am not a bed person at all. Thank goodness I have a laptop, or I would have been completely out of commission. It still did not stop me from being so lame at posting, but helped me keep up with my emails some. So nothing at all to talk about for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thursday I managed to get out of bed and on to the couch. My DH was shocked to come home at lunch and find me out of bed and on the couch. Of course I looked like I was shot at and missed, %#*@ on and hit. LOL!!!! I tell you, I did not look good. Regardless of how I looked, I did feel better though and managed to get some dishes washed, a load of laundry done and a little book project made for a friends birthday. Thank the Lord for Vitamin C, Vicks and Advil. With those and my multi- liquid vitamin VIBE , it only lasted a few days. If you do not have a favorite vitamin that you take, I totally recommend this one. Its been a lifesaver for me.

Anyway, by Friday, I was up and on the go. I just had to go to Michael's to check out the new merchandise. If that alone is not a good enough motivation to get yourself well, the other would be that one of my very good friends came to go shopping with me. I was thrilled to have someone to share the excitement of new merchandise. I just totally loved all the Martha Stewart stuff. Not sure its my kind of stuff, but it was just so neat and clean looking. I ooooed and awwwwwed over all of it. We almost knocked each other down trying to finger it all. I especially loved all the new K&Company albums. I must own all of them. I don't care if I never put a picture in them, I still want them ALL. I am so addicted to those albums. Now did I purchase anything while I was there. Yes? Something very small. I used my coupon on some Tacky adhesive, and I bought a couple of stickers. I think I spent 10.00 total. I just had to save my money for Hobby Lobby's scrapbook sale. I did eyeball a bunch of things, albums especially, that I do plan to go back for really soon when I have coupon in hand and time to really shop. Ok, so we took a short break for some chineese food and then off to Hobby Lobby we went. My first trip with her, I did very well. I only spent about 7.00. I bought a embellishment container for my table,a small embellishment container for my bag and a few sheets of paper. It was the second trip that killed me. Yes, after she and I parted ways, I went back later that evening for some rub-ons that I realized were on sale, after I checked out the first time. I went home first, because I thought I needed some time to think about whether I needed more rub-ons. I decided I did need more and back I went to spend another 28.00. Well, really that was not a lot of money, but it was more than I needed to spend on rub-ons. Especially, when you find out later, that my car broke down on Saturday and it cost me 280.00 to repair it. So see, 28.00 is a lot when you add it to a surprise $280.00.

Ok, so Saturday I go to our All Day Crop. I got there around 11:00 and soon after that we go to eat lunch. I drive us to lunch. No one ever wants to ride in my small car, but since there were only 3 of us for lunch, I talked them into going in my car. Well my car breaks down at StarBucks. Not a manly man in sight. Do not break down at StarBucks. Its not a good place if you are looking for a manly man to help you. My battery was dead and NO ONE had a jumper cable. So my friend called her daughter and she came with some jumper cables. Now this is way funny. There were 4 of us there and no one knew how to put the jumper cables on the battery. So we had to stop to read directions. LOL!!!! First you put the red on the red knob of the bad battery, and then the other end of the red, on the red knob of the good battery. Then you put the black on the black knob of the bad battery, and then the other end of the black, on the good knob of the good battery. Exactly in that order. Otherwise you might get a shock. Then, when you take them off, you have to take them off in that order. EXACTLY!!! So to save yourself future embarrassment, remember these instructions. So we start the car and as soon as we unhook the cables, the car dies. Shacking our heads and feeling a bit beat, we go through the process again and this time deciding to leave them on a bit longer to give the battery time to charge. While we are waiting, low and behold, a manly man approaches us. He takes a look to make sure we have it all hooked up right, gives us a few wise words and waits with us to see the outcome of the charge. Very nice guy. Then guess what??? Another manly man comes up. Can you believe that??? Not a one in sight and then 2 right there in a row minutes apart from each other. Of course they engage in manly man talk about the situation and after small discussion, the second manly man proceeds to inform me that it probably is my alternator and that my battery was ruined and that it would not hold a charge and it was going to cost me bucks. THANK YOU VERY MUCH MANLY MAN!!!! So really what they were saying to us was "You are wasting your time ladies". UGGGGG!!!! So with that said, they both left the scene. We unhooked the battery's and I called my DH. I really tried not to have to call him. He was 30 minutes away and helping my daddy do some stuff. So I hated to bother him. I had no choice though. I was beat!!! So my friends left with my one friends daughter to go back to the store and the other went to go get her handicap sticker, because I had coasted into a handicap parking spot and did not want to leave my car in fear of a ticket. I was lucky I was able to get it into the parking spot. We were dead in the middle of the road as I turned into the parking lot. So while she was gone, I decided to see if my car would start. Guess what??? It did. So I quickly backed it out of the handicap spot and raced for a far corner parking spot before it died. I decided at the last minute that I would back it into the spot, so that my DH could have room to look at the problem without curb in his way. Well as I was starting to back up, it died. Out in the middle of the drive area. OH NO!!!! Now what???? So I began to push it. I had to steer and push at the same time. Lucky I have a small car. I pushed back and then I had to go forward, because of the curb. Back and then forward. Over and over. I did this for a good 10 minutes, until I was about to drop. No manly men in sight!!! Finally my other friend came back for me with sticker in hand. She was shocked to see I was not in the same parking spot as when she left. It was kind of funny to see her face. I waved her over to my new area. She giggled a little, cause she saw the predicament I had gotten myself in. With us both pushing, we managed to work it into the parking spot pretty quickly. I was slap give out. My face was red, I was very hot and I was really very crabby too. Anyway, we unloaded my scrapbook stuff, and headed back to the store. We got back just in time to take a 25.00 class, which we got to take for free. That was a great deal and really made my day look a little brighter. DH came, and got my keys, and with the help of my DS, they managed to get my car home. Soon after that he called to give me the news that it was going to cost us 280.00 to fix. He took it to the auto place and had it all tested, and the battery was dead and the alternator was almost gone. Oh well, it could have been much worse I guess. I have had the car a year and this was the first thing that has gone wrong. I really could not complain a lot. To make the best of the rest of the day, we did the class, we did some scrapbooking, we all went for a wonderful dinner at the Olive Garden, we got to see the most beautiful prom girl ever and had great laughs throughout the evening. Its amazing at how a day that started so badly, ended so wonderfully. We cropped till midnight and then my DH came back to pick me up. Late getting there, but he came. My wonderful friends waited till he arrived and home we all went. I truly, truly love my friends. They were such wonderful help to me, they made my miserable morning become a faint memory, by changing it to such a fun rest of the day and evening. When I am with them, the worst things end up being the best!!!

Sunday, I got up around noon. I did not make it to church as you now know. Church is usually done by noon. I was just too tired to get up, plus not sure my car would have been very reliable in getting us there. Lets not start another day out the same way. Husband did purchase a new battery, but did not want to drive it a lot till we replaced the alternator. So we got dressed and quickly over to my dads house we went, where he helped my DH change out the alternator. It took about 2 hours. A lot faster than he or I expected. He is such a jack of all trades kind of guy. There is just nothing he cannot do and thank goodness cause it would have cost even more if someone else had to do what he did. Anyway, I visited with my mom while the worked and we enjoyed looking through her stamp collection she recently acquired from my dads junk collection. LOL!!! One collection results in the find of yet another collection. Amazing!!! That was very fun anyway. I had never seen so many awesome stamps before. Some dating back to the 1700s. There was even a 1/2 cent stamp. I would have loved to have the collection, but she is planning to sell the collection , so I was helping her look up some of the prices and just enjoying the time looking through them. Anyway, once the car was fixed, we came to collapse on the couch for the rest of the evening. Too pooped to even spend any time on my computer. We went to bed at 9:15. That's how tired we both were. We usually do not go to bed till midnightish.

Good thing for early bedtime, because today, I woke up at 7:30 with a call from my MIL that she was very sick. So I told her to get dressed, we were going to the hospital. She has been sick since January, and it was time to find out what was going on. So while she was dressing, I drove up to the walking tracks a few miles away and walked for 45 minutes. I am trying so hard to get back on track with my walking, but something is always getting in the way. I told myself I was going to go walk this morning. no matter what. So while she was dressing, I went to walk. When I got done, we then left to go to the hospitall and up until a few hours ago, that is where I spent the day. I got home from the hospital about 3:30, but then had to go do prescriptions, dinner, ect....Anyway, our day long hospital stay discovered she has bronchitis, emphysema and congestive heart failure. All caused from her 58 years of smoking. She has been a non smoker for 9 years, but it still has taken its toll. Now she is 80 years old, so at least it has waited till now before it has showed its ugly face. I am thankful for that. So tomorrow, we get to go to the doctor and get her set up with breathing treatments, and long term medicine, to help the situation not be so bothersome for her. Its something she will have to deal with for the rest of her life. The doctor said there will be days worse than others, but the medicine should help her deal.

That's it!!! That's my week. Now before I close, I want to share some photos of some things I managed to do scrapbooking through out the past week. Yes, here and there, I managed to get a few things done. My friends tell me that I have to much time on my hands and that my hands remain idle to often. Well that's not at all true. Though it looks like I am on the computer a lot, trust me my hands are not idle. When I am on the computer, I am either typing long emails or blogs as you can see, or I am surfing for ideas for my stamping or scrapbooking, or I am working on my projects while I do all of the above. So I am far from being idle. I am a what you call a A.D.D. multi-tasker. Meaning I can do a lot of things at once, but rarely finishing anything I do.

So with that said, here is pictures of my projects. The first 2 are a layout that I worked on last weekend, and finished up. Its a layout that I plan to teach to my friends in our Thursday night class, that we do once a month. Please notice the cute little flowers in the layout. Those are the ones I made myself, and posted a few post back. They did turn out to be very cute on the page, but a little more bulkier than I would like. I am so into flat pages these days. The flatter the better. So the jury is still out on whether or not I use the flowers. However, I did really like the outcome of the rest of the layout. My beautiful daughter really makes scrapbooking easy. Anything I do using her photos, always turns out great.

The next project is a tag that I made for a swap. It was a lot of fun to make. Each swapper was to pick a tag sketch and make a tag using the sketch. I love working with sketches. So easy!!!

The next 2 projects are little flip books I made using the coasters at the Olive Garden. I have been collecting them for sometime now, and finally decided to put them to use. The first book is a birthday gift for a friend. I would share the entire book, but it contains pictures of my friends and plus it would ruin the surprise if she were to read my blog. So without doing either, I will only be able to share the front. Its very cute though, and I am very pleased with the end results. The second one, is still a work in progress. I am only on page 2. I am making this one for a gift exchange for my Angel Company Stamp Group. We have our gathering the end of this month and this will be for the gift exchange we will be doing. When I am done, which I hope to be this week, I will be able to share photos of it, because it will not have pictures of anyone in it. I will probably be teaching it in our Thursday night class as well. Its either that, or make all of my friends a book. I think I like the idea of Teaching. They would be more likely to have a book of their own a lot faster by doing it themselves. Well...... some of them maybe will have a book a lot faster!!! LOL!!!

Ok, that's it!!! Now my friend, are you sorry you complained that I have not updated my blog lately. LOL!!!! I made it especially long just for you, cause I know how much you love those long emails. (wink,wink)I do thank you for the reminder. Later taters!!!

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