Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pink Roses

I just love when I have time to play with my stuff. Its not very often these days that I am able to do that. I was gathering some stuff up for my All Night Crop tommorow night and realized for one of my layouts, I needed some flowers. The paper has roses on it and so I needed roses. My mother-n-law is a huge flower person and is always making flower arrangements, so I went over to see what she had available. She did not have anything flat for the page, so I took what she had. I figured there had to be something I could do to make the flowers work for me. So I first took them apart and then cut them down some to the size that I wanted them to be. Then I thought.....

Ok I will put some decoupage glue on them to make them stiff. So I applied glue to both sides of the flower pieces. So I set aside to let dry. I waited..... thought this is taking to long to dry. So I got out my heat gun. I started heating them up and almost like shrink plastic they started crinkling up as I was drying them. I thought, wow, this is pretty cool. So I got even closer to the flower and shrinked them even more. Awesome, I thought. So then I took one of the rhinestones I had and glued it to the center and then I went around the edges with my antique inkpad. I think they turned out pretty darn good. What do you think???

I think once I get them on the layout, they will look just lovely. I will of course post the end results later when I am done with the layout. For now I better continue gathering my stuff for the crop. Its a All Night Crop and so I will need lots to keep me busy and awake. Everyone have a grand weekend. I will post again on Monday with pictures of my weekend.

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