Monday, April 09, 2007

New Bible

Well I am back from grocery shopping. While we were out, we went to my favorite store of all, Mardel's. I bought me a new Bible for church. Its so cute. Its about the size of a greeting card and fits in a pocket in my new purse. I have several Bibles and I love them all, but I really wanted something smaller, that I could carry inside my purse, so I did not have so much to keep up with at Church. So while sitting in Sunday School on Sunday I noticed a girl with one similar to this one and thought how cute and perfect size. So I went looking and found this one.
My mother-n-law bought us dinner out tonight for taking her shopping. Its the first time I have eaten out since last Sunday. We dedicated Sunday as our Fat Sunday day. We get to eat out for lunch and eat anything we want and we do not count calories or anything. Well this Sunday we stayed home, because of Easter, but last night we did indulge in pizza delivery. I only had 2 slices though, and it was thin crust, so really I did not indulge to much. I am not much of a pizza eater, but do sacrifice on occasion for the rest of the family, who loves pizza. Tonight we ate at Golden Corral so that I could eat vegetables and would be able to calculate my calories and fiber easily. Anyway, I am stuffed, cause I have not been eating a lot at one meal.

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