Monday, April 30, 2007

Shot at and Missed!!!

Ok, you little blogaholics, it has been brought to my attention that I have not updated my blog lately. I cannot believe how fast the past week has gone by. It was last Tuesday when I blogged last, and here it is almost Tuesday again. I totally apologize for my lack of post. So lets see, I need to back up a bit.......

Well for the most part last week, I was sick. I ended up not only loosing my voice, but totally having to go to bed for 2 days. I could barely get out of bed to go to the bathroom. Now most of my friends know that I am very sick if I go to bed. I am not a bed person at all. Thank goodness I have a laptop, or I would have been completely out of commission. It still did not stop me from being so lame at posting, but helped me keep up with my emails some. So nothing at all to talk about for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thursday I managed to get out of bed and on to the couch. My DH was shocked to come home at lunch and find me out of bed and on the couch. Of course I looked like I was shot at and missed, %#*@ on and hit. LOL!!!! I tell you, I did not look good. Regardless of how I looked, I did feel better though and managed to get some dishes washed, a load of laundry done and a little book project made for a friends birthday. Thank the Lord for Vitamin C, Vicks and Advil. With those and my multi- liquid vitamin VIBE , it only lasted a few days. If you do not have a favorite vitamin that you take, I totally recommend this one. Its been a lifesaver for me.

Anyway, by Friday, I was up and on the go. I just had to go to Michael's to check out the new merchandise. If that alone is not a good enough motivation to get yourself well, the other would be that one of my very good friends came to go shopping with me. I was thrilled to have someone to share the excitement of new merchandise. I just totally loved all the Martha Stewart stuff. Not sure its my kind of stuff, but it was just so neat and clean looking. I ooooed and awwwwwed over all of it. We almost knocked each other down trying to finger it all. I especially loved all the new K&Company albums. I must own all of them. I don't care if I never put a picture in them, I still want them ALL. I am so addicted to those albums. Now did I purchase anything while I was there. Yes? Something very small. I used my coupon on some Tacky adhesive, and I bought a couple of stickers. I think I spent 10.00 total. I just had to save my money for Hobby Lobby's scrapbook sale. I did eyeball a bunch of things, albums especially, that I do plan to go back for really soon when I have coupon in hand and time to really shop. Ok, so we took a short break for some chineese food and then off to Hobby Lobby we went. My first trip with her, I did very well. I only spent about 7.00. I bought a embellishment container for my table,a small embellishment container for my bag and a few sheets of paper. It was the second trip that killed me. Yes, after she and I parted ways, I went back later that evening for some rub-ons that I realized were on sale, after I checked out the first time. I went home first, because I thought I needed some time to think about whether I needed more rub-ons. I decided I did need more and back I went to spend another 28.00. Well, really that was not a lot of money, but it was more than I needed to spend on rub-ons. Especially, when you find out later, that my car broke down on Saturday and it cost me 280.00 to repair it. So see, 28.00 is a lot when you add it to a surprise $280.00.

Ok, so Saturday I go to our All Day Crop. I got there around 11:00 and soon after that we go to eat lunch. I drive us to lunch. No one ever wants to ride in my small car, but since there were only 3 of us for lunch, I talked them into going in my car. Well my car breaks down at StarBucks. Not a manly man in sight. Do not break down at StarBucks. Its not a good place if you are looking for a manly man to help you. My battery was dead and NO ONE had a jumper cable. So my friend called her daughter and she came with some jumper cables. Now this is way funny. There were 4 of us there and no one knew how to put the jumper cables on the battery. So we had to stop to read directions. LOL!!!! First you put the red on the red knob of the bad battery, and then the other end of the red, on the red knob of the good battery. Then you put the black on the black knob of the bad battery, and then the other end of the black, on the good knob of the good battery. Exactly in that order. Otherwise you might get a shock. Then, when you take them off, you have to take them off in that order. EXACTLY!!! So to save yourself future embarrassment, remember these instructions. So we start the car and as soon as we unhook the cables, the car dies. Shacking our heads and feeling a bit beat, we go through the process again and this time deciding to leave them on a bit longer to give the battery time to charge. While we are waiting, low and behold, a manly man approaches us. He takes a look to make sure we have it all hooked up right, gives us a few wise words and waits with us to see the outcome of the charge. Very nice guy. Then guess what??? Another manly man comes up. Can you believe that??? Not a one in sight and then 2 right there in a row minutes apart from each other. Of course they engage in manly man talk about the situation and after small discussion, the second manly man proceeds to inform me that it probably is my alternator and that my battery was ruined and that it would not hold a charge and it was going to cost me bucks. THANK YOU VERY MUCH MANLY MAN!!!! So really what they were saying to us was "You are wasting your time ladies". UGGGGG!!!! So with that said, they both left the scene. We unhooked the battery's and I called my DH. I really tried not to have to call him. He was 30 minutes away and helping my daddy do some stuff. So I hated to bother him. I had no choice though. I was beat!!! So my friends left with my one friends daughter to go back to the store and the other went to go get her handicap sticker, because I had coasted into a handicap parking spot and did not want to leave my car in fear of a ticket. I was lucky I was able to get it into the parking spot. We were dead in the middle of the road as I turned into the parking lot. So while she was gone, I decided to see if my car would start. Guess what??? It did. So I quickly backed it out of the handicap spot and raced for a far corner parking spot before it died. I decided at the last minute that I would back it into the spot, so that my DH could have room to look at the problem without curb in his way. Well as I was starting to back up, it died. Out in the middle of the drive area. OH NO!!!! Now what???? So I began to push it. I had to steer and push at the same time. Lucky I have a small car. I pushed back and then I had to go forward, because of the curb. Back and then forward. Over and over. I did this for a good 10 minutes, until I was about to drop. No manly men in sight!!! Finally my other friend came back for me with sticker in hand. She was shocked to see I was not in the same parking spot as when she left. It was kind of funny to see her face. I waved her over to my new area. She giggled a little, cause she saw the predicament I had gotten myself in. With us both pushing, we managed to work it into the parking spot pretty quickly. I was slap give out. My face was red, I was very hot and I was really very crabby too. Anyway, we unloaded my scrapbook stuff, and headed back to the store. We got back just in time to take a 25.00 class, which we got to take for free. That was a great deal and really made my day look a little brighter. DH came, and got my keys, and with the help of my DS, they managed to get my car home. Soon after that he called to give me the news that it was going to cost us 280.00 to fix. He took it to the auto place and had it all tested, and the battery was dead and the alternator was almost gone. Oh well, it could have been much worse I guess. I have had the car a year and this was the first thing that has gone wrong. I really could not complain a lot. To make the best of the rest of the day, we did the class, we did some scrapbooking, we all went for a wonderful dinner at the Olive Garden, we got to see the most beautiful prom girl ever and had great laughs throughout the evening. Its amazing at how a day that started so badly, ended so wonderfully. We cropped till midnight and then my DH came back to pick me up. Late getting there, but he came. My wonderful friends waited till he arrived and home we all went. I truly, truly love my friends. They were such wonderful help to me, they made my miserable morning become a faint memory, by changing it to such a fun rest of the day and evening. When I am with them, the worst things end up being the best!!!

Sunday, I got up around noon. I did not make it to church as you now know. Church is usually done by noon. I was just too tired to get up, plus not sure my car would have been very reliable in getting us there. Lets not start another day out the same way. Husband did purchase a new battery, but did not want to drive it a lot till we replaced the alternator. So we got dressed and quickly over to my dads house we went, where he helped my DH change out the alternator. It took about 2 hours. A lot faster than he or I expected. He is such a jack of all trades kind of guy. There is just nothing he cannot do and thank goodness cause it would have cost even more if someone else had to do what he did. Anyway, I visited with my mom while the worked and we enjoyed looking through her stamp collection she recently acquired from my dads junk collection. LOL!!! One collection results in the find of yet another collection. Amazing!!! That was very fun anyway. I had never seen so many awesome stamps before. Some dating back to the 1700s. There was even a 1/2 cent stamp. I would have loved to have the collection, but she is planning to sell the collection , so I was helping her look up some of the prices and just enjoying the time looking through them. Anyway, once the car was fixed, we came to collapse on the couch for the rest of the evening. Too pooped to even spend any time on my computer. We went to bed at 9:15. That's how tired we both were. We usually do not go to bed till midnightish.

Good thing for early bedtime, because today, I woke up at 7:30 with a call from my MIL that she was very sick. So I told her to get dressed, we were going to the hospital. She has been sick since January, and it was time to find out what was going on. So while she was dressing, I drove up to the walking tracks a few miles away and walked for 45 minutes. I am trying so hard to get back on track with my walking, but something is always getting in the way. I told myself I was going to go walk this morning. no matter what. So while she was dressing, I went to walk. When I got done, we then left to go to the hospitall and up until a few hours ago, that is where I spent the day. I got home from the hospital about 3:30, but then had to go do prescriptions, dinner, ect....Anyway, our day long hospital stay discovered she has bronchitis, emphysema and congestive heart failure. All caused from her 58 years of smoking. She has been a non smoker for 9 years, but it still has taken its toll. Now she is 80 years old, so at least it has waited till now before it has showed its ugly face. I am thankful for that. So tomorrow, we get to go to the doctor and get her set up with breathing treatments, and long term medicine, to help the situation not be so bothersome for her. Its something she will have to deal with for the rest of her life. The doctor said there will be days worse than others, but the medicine should help her deal.

That's it!!! That's my week. Now before I close, I want to share some photos of some things I managed to do scrapbooking through out the past week. Yes, here and there, I managed to get a few things done. My friends tell me that I have to much time on my hands and that my hands remain idle to often. Well that's not at all true. Though it looks like I am on the computer a lot, trust me my hands are not idle. When I am on the computer, I am either typing long emails or blogs as you can see, or I am surfing for ideas for my stamping or scrapbooking, or I am working on my projects while I do all of the above. So I am far from being idle. I am a what you call a A.D.D. multi-tasker. Meaning I can do a lot of things at once, but rarely finishing anything I do.

So with that said, here is pictures of my projects. The first 2 are a layout that I worked on last weekend, and finished up. Its a layout that I plan to teach to my friends in our Thursday night class, that we do once a month. Please notice the cute little flowers in the layout. Those are the ones I made myself, and posted a few post back. They did turn out to be very cute on the page, but a little more bulkier than I would like. I am so into flat pages these days. The flatter the better. So the jury is still out on whether or not I use the flowers. However, I did really like the outcome of the rest of the layout. My beautiful daughter really makes scrapbooking easy. Anything I do using her photos, always turns out great.

The next project is a tag that I made for a swap. It was a lot of fun to make. Each swapper was to pick a tag sketch and make a tag using the sketch. I love working with sketches. So easy!!!

The next 2 projects are little flip books I made using the coasters at the Olive Garden. I have been collecting them for sometime now, and finally decided to put them to use. The first book is a birthday gift for a friend. I would share the entire book, but it contains pictures of my friends and plus it would ruin the surprise if she were to read my blog. So without doing either, I will only be able to share the front. Its very cute though, and I am very pleased with the end results. The second one, is still a work in progress. I am only on page 2. I am making this one for a gift exchange for my Angel Company Stamp Group. We have our gathering the end of this month and this will be for the gift exchange we will be doing. When I am done, which I hope to be this week, I will be able to share photos of it, because it will not have pictures of anyone in it. I will probably be teaching it in our Thursday night class as well. Its either that, or make all of my friends a book. I think I like the idea of Teaching. They would be more likely to have a book of their own a lot faster by doing it themselves. Well...... some of them maybe will have a book a lot faster!!! LOL!!!

Ok, that's it!!! Now my friend, are you sorry you complained that I have not updated my blog lately. LOL!!!! I made it especially long just for you, cause I know how much you love those long emails. (wink,wink)I do thank you for the reminder. Later taters!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Knit 1, Pearl 2 Rip it out!!!

shwwwww!!! What a weekend!!!! I cropped on Friday night all night till 6:00 a.m. on Saturday. Came home and went to bed and then went back on Saturday night and cropped till midnight. Sad thing is I got very little done either night and I lost my voice on Friday night and still am only at a whisper as I type right now. My no voice has turned into a full blown allergy attack with coughing and chest congestion. Oh how I love the springtime. All the cotton trees are releasing their snow like cotton. Although its a beautiful sight to see, its very messy and causes much allergy problems for me and my family.

Good news in our household, Kody passed all of his test. He took a drug test and a physical this week and passed both of them. He is now officially a City street employee. He starts on Monday morning. He is very excited, but not sure he realizes the hard work that is ahead of him. I am sure though whatever is given to him, he will be able to handle it. After all, he is his fathers son.

Ok, lets talk about knitting a bit. I decided this weekend I must learn how to knit. I recently taught myself the basics to crochet and although I still have tons to learn about it, I needed to see the difference in knitting and crochet. Everyone was telling me not to crochet, cause knitting was so much easier and more fun. So naturally, I needed to find out for myself if this was true. So I went to the library and checked out some books and a DVD. I then went to JoAnn's and with my coupon I bought the Knitting CD that they have. I absolutely loved the Crochet one that I bought, so I figured I would like the knitting one too.

I loved both of these CD/DVD. The Knitting made easy gives you step by step instructions on how to get started and some very easy patterns to do and the Knit Stitches in Motion teaches you all the different Knitting stitches you can do. I was amazed at all the different stitches there were. I just thought it was knit 1, pearl 2. I was totally amazed. It was almost overwhelming. Anyway, both are very good to have if you want to learn to knit. Anyway, so after watching them both, I set down to actually do the knitting. I was just struggling with the first knit stitch. I could not get the concept down no matter how many times I rewind and start the CD again. So my DH says "let me have it" I will figure this out. It was hilarious to see him holding knitting needles. He suddenly became all fingers. LOL!!!! Although he was never able to actually do a stitch, he was able to watch the video and get the general idea of how it works. So after somewhat showing me what he had figured out, I gave it a try. I tried and tried and tried. It was not happening. I guess between really not feeling all that great and Aunt Flo, I was just not in the mood. I was about ready to jab those needles into the sofa. I figured with that kind of frustration, I better stop. So I put it aside and went to bed. Yesterday, I got up and decided I could not be defeated by these little needles and yarn. I consider myself a craft gooroo and have the attitude there is nothing I cannot do, so I picked up the needles, the yarn and turned on the DVD. This time the light came on. I actually figured it out. So I begin to knit. It was nothing compared to the night before. Amazing what a little sleep can do for the brain. I did a few lines and realized I missed a stitch. Rip it out!!! I did a few lines and realized I added a stitch. Rip it out!!! I did a few lines and lost my place. Rip it out!!!! After many times of ripping it out and starting again, which was about 4 hours total, I created this master piece. Boy did the day fly by.

I know you are thinking Woopee!!! but hey, it was not Knitting Made Easy like the CD said. The title was very deceiving. This was all I could get out of a full afternoon of knitting. My hands were completely exhausted. I could barely move them. My patience was worn very thin with all the ripping and starting again. So before I hated the craft entirely, I stopped here.
Now here is my own personal opinion about knitting verses crochet at this point in the game. I definitely liked my experience with Crochet better. I am just better able to handle one needle, verses 2 needles. Knitting seemed a lot faster once I got the hang of it, but Crochet just seemed less stressful. Will I do any more knitting after my long day yesterday? Well I don't know the answer to that question at this time but I do know for sure that I am not ready to throw in the towel just yet. I definitely do not see myself knitting me a sweater any time soon and I definitely think I will pick it up and continue to play with it some more after my hands have time to rest. I think I do like Crochet better though at this point. Of course I may change my mind later. They both seem to be very neat crafts and I can definitely see why people love doing them. I am just not sure either one is for me at this time in my life. Perhaps stamping and scrapbooking are my thing. I am glad though I have at least learned the basics to both. I think trying new things is very important. You never know where your true love lies unless you try new things. I will keep you posted throughout my blog as I continue to practice both crafts. Who knows what I might be doing next. So stay tuned to more Knit 1, Pearl 2 Rip it out!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pink Roses

I just love when I have time to play with my stuff. Its not very often these days that I am able to do that. I was gathering some stuff up for my All Night Crop tommorow night and realized for one of my layouts, I needed some flowers. The paper has roses on it and so I needed roses. My mother-n-law is a huge flower person and is always making flower arrangements, so I went over to see what she had available. She did not have anything flat for the page, so I took what she had. I figured there had to be something I could do to make the flowers work for me. So I first took them apart and then cut them down some to the size that I wanted them to be. Then I thought.....

Ok I will put some decoupage glue on them to make them stiff. So I applied glue to both sides of the flower pieces. So I set aside to let dry. I waited..... thought this is taking to long to dry. So I got out my heat gun. I started heating them up and almost like shrink plastic they started crinkling up as I was drying them. I thought, wow, this is pretty cool. So I got even closer to the flower and shrinked them even more. Awesome, I thought. So then I took one of the rhinestones I had and glued it to the center and then I went around the edges with my antique inkpad. I think they turned out pretty darn good. What do you think???

I think once I get them on the layout, they will look just lovely. I will of course post the end results later when I am done with the layout. For now I better continue gathering my stuff for the crop. Its a All Night Crop and so I will need lots to keep me busy and awake. Everyone have a grand weekend. I will post again on Monday with pictures of my weekend.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Vacation Week Thus Far!!!

Ok, I am just going to warn you now, this is going to be a long post. I have so much to share and the reason for this is, because I have not been on my blog since last week. So here goes.....

The first thing I want to share, is that I finally got my Fiber 35 diet book in. I have waited 3 weeks for this book. Its been a very popular book. Anyway, I started reading it right away and I am about half way through the book. It is a awesome book full of great information about the importance of Fiber. I recommend it to anyone to read, even if you are not interested in dieting. Its just great info to know. I plan to really get serious with this diet next week. This week my hubby is home on vacation and there is just no way we can focus on diet. I have to have routine, and there is no routine when he is home. So this week I read, and next week I start. We sorta started a week ago, but really had no clue as to what we were doing. Now that I know what we are suppose to be doing and have a plan to follow, I am ready.

So what else have we been up too..... I have to sort out my thoughts, cause I have been doing so much. Oh yea, I know what I want to share. I decided it is time to get myself more organized. So I started with my huge stamp collection. You saw in the post before this one that my husband built me a great shelf to hold my wooden stamps. Well that got me to thinking about my unmounted stamps and how unorganized they were. So I decided to do some surfing to see how other people organized their stamps. So after several days and gathering information from several different people, I decided to put them in a 3 ring binder. Well most of my stamps have ez mount on them and when I put them in the notebook, it was very bulky. So then I gave it some more thought and searched some more ideas and decided to take the ez mount off and use the Tack it over and over. What a job!!! It was very hard to remove the ez mount. Much harder than I ever expected. One of my very dear friends thought I was crazy for doing this, because the ez mount gave me the cushion I needed for better stamping. I thought about this and decided that when you purchase acrylic stamps, there is no cushion, so why do I need cushion for rubber stamps??? Besides, even with cushion, I am still a very bad stamper. The cushion does not make it any better for me. So off came the ez mount and on came the Tack it over and over. I was very pleased with the results. They all fit in my 3 ring binder so very neatly and now I can easily view my stamps with just a turn of the page, rather than digging through CD's and containers looking for what I need. I went from 25 of these, to 5 8 1/2 x 11 sheets. Now that is not all of my stamps, but that is all the stamps I had in CD cases. Talk about freeing up some shelf space.

I used transparency sheets to stick my stamps on and then slide those into page protectors, which had a plastic sheet for sturdiness. Here is what I used below.

Plus Avery transparency sheets.

Here is the results.
25 Cd's to 5 page protectors of stamps. Now there are stamps on both sides of each sheet. I love it!!! The tack it over and over sticks very well to the transparency. I can just pull out the transparency, take off the stamp and slide it back the protector very easily. Then stick the stamp on my block and stamp away. Now since I have just done this, I cannot tell you the specifics of the tack it over and over, but I have read from other users, that it does eventually loose its stickiness. When that happens, all you do is just clean it with UnDu and reapply. Not a big deal. I have ton more stamps to do, but I needed to take a break. Its not easy to remove that ez mount.

So while taking my break from this project, I decided I needed to clean my scrapbook room. It was a mess. So I moved things around, and cleaned off my tables, and now I have a clean room again. Here is pictures of my now clean scrapbook/stamp/homeschool room.

Now you may say to yourself after you preview this slide, that its not that clean Jeanie. Well let me tell you, its a lot cleaner than it was. Yes it lacks some organization, but at least I can see the tables. I do love my room!!! I feel very lucky to have such a fun place to hang out.

Sunday, we made a trip to the library to find me the video on how to crochet granny squares. Yes, I have checked out this video before and its a great video. but guess what? Someone else is using it right now. I guess they needed to learn this technique as well. So bummer, I have to wait. I did manage to get a few books on Crochet and another video, which I have not had time to watch. We left there and went to Michaels, where I had to purchase me some new yarn for my future granny squares. Like I need more yarn!!! Well sure I do. Thats a silly statement. I would show you my new yarn, but I think its better you wait till I actually start my squares. It will give you something to look forward too and me something to blog. LOL
Ok, now on to new stuff. Well sorta new stuff. Monday, hubby and I went to Michael's. Yes again to Michaels, but to a different Michaels. Now can a girl go to Michaels to many times in the same week. NO!!!! Its a different Michaels so really it should not count. We really needed an excuse just to take a small road trip and get out of town. So we decided to go in a another near town about 30 minutes away, called South Lake. Another one of my dear friends shared that it was a wonderful store and that they had some way better items than our local Michael's. So of course, I had to go there and see for myself. She was right. It was a great Michael's. Very organized and had way more things than our store. I went there with the mind to purchase those cute little 1.00 acrylic stamps that everyone was going wild about. After I got there and started looking around, I found more items than my buggy could hold. Sad, sad state of mind cause, I knew I had to make some choices. So rather than purchase more stamps, I ended up purchasing yet another bag.

What I mean by another bag is, I already have 2 of these awesome bags. I have a green and brown, a pink and brown and now a purple and brown. Now honestly can a scrapbooker have too many bags?? No way is my answer to that question!!! Sooooo, enough said on that subject...

Ok, I think that pretty much catches you up on the important things I have been up too the last few days. The rest of this week is going to be crazy. I will try to post tomorrow, but if I do not, than please be patient, cause I do plan to tune in later with some more exciting life happenings!!! Big Hugs and Smooches to all of you.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Stamp Shelf

Just wanted to quickly share a picture of what my DH built for me today. A shelf to hold all of my wood stamps. Is that not the sweetest thing. He is such a awesome man!! He was really shocked to see how quickly I filled it up. I have to admit I was a little shocked also. I actually did not realize how many I had, till I put them all in one place. I mostly deal with unmounted stamps now, but I guess along the way I have collected a few wood ones as you can see from this photo. I have bought a lot of $1.00 stamps from Michael's and picked up some here and there at garage sales and 50% off sales. It will be nice to have them all in one place. This way I will know what I have, and maybe it will motivate me to stamp more. Now to get my unmounted stamps organized. Any suggestions??? I have them in cd cases, but I really do not like that. I cannot see them like I need too, and they take up so much space. I would like to put them in a binder or something. Must stop buying stamps, Must stop buying stamps. YEA RIGHT!!! if you believe that, than I got some land on a beautiful lake in the Mohave Desert that I will sell you really cheap!!!

All for one, One for All!!!

Yesterday was such a fabulous day!!! My DH took half the day off and he, my DS, DD, and myself, all went out for lunch and to the movies. We have not done something like that in a very long time. We went to some little hole in the wall for off the diet burgers and fries. My DS had been raving about this place for months and so we decided what the heck and go with him. When I say hole in the wall, I mean hole in the wall. There were 3 booths and the kitchen. That was it. The food was fabulous. I felt my heart clogging as I ate. We got these giant handmade burgers and the french fries were the old fashioned fries. YUM!!!! The best part was, it was not crowded. LOL!!!! Anyway, the guy that owns the place was so friendly. Defiantly will go back when I feel the need to reload my artierys!!!! We then went thrifty shopping at the local thrift store. We each found some good bargain's. Then we left there and went to my friend Regina's costume store and I tried on several costumes. She is having her 35Th birthday at "The Magic Time Machine" and so she wants all of us ladies to go in costume. I wanted to go as Raggedy Ann, but she could not find a costume to fit me. I guess there are no Plus Size Raggedy Anns. Then she tried to get me to wear a Mother Goose outfit. Needless to say, that did not happen. I looked more like Humpty Dumpty!!! So then we went into the Renaissance dresses and either they were too tight or they made my boobs look like Dolly. I could not even see my feet. Then she brought out a Musketeer looking outfit and so I thought, Ok I can be a lady musketeer. I am going to be more of the Tom Boy Lady because I will be wearing pants rather than a dress. This way I can ride a horse. LOL!!!! If I need too!! So after that little fun event, we headed to the movies. We saw the movie "Blades of Glory" All I can say is SILLY, SILLY MOVIE. Of course what did I expect with Will Ferrell and Jon Heder. Talk about a couple of nuts. I must admit, they did make me laugh. After that, we went over to Star Bucks for a much needed frappicino. Then back home again, because I was exhausted from my day of running around. We did have a great time though. My son is 19 and so there are very few times when he is willing to spend the day with Mom, Dad and baby sister. So it was a real treat.
Today I am not sure what I will do, but if I do something as exciting as yesterday, I will let you know. My DH is on vacation the rest of this week and next, so there is no telling what we might do. I will keep you posted. Everyone have a awesome day!!! TTFN

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Sending Love"

Ok, I am without much to say today and I promised myself I would not make this a boring blog. So with that said, I will post a card that I just recently did for a swap that I did not use, cause I found a better card instead. Have you ever done that? Make a whole batch of cards just to decide on something entirely different. I do like the card, I just found something I liked better for the swap. The hearts are from my cuttlebug dies. I embossed the word love in the middle heart. The background is a template I got from I love all the background templates that they offer. Great site with great swaps ect.... I have been very happy with all the cards that I have received from Ink Stains swaps. Some very, very talented ladies. Anyway, you are probably wondering where the stamping is on this card. Well its on the inside. I stamped a cute little "Sending Love" sentiment on the inside. That's it. Hope you like the card. Later taters!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

New Bible

Well I am back from grocery shopping. While we were out, we went to my favorite store of all, Mardel's. I bought me a new Bible for church. Its so cute. Its about the size of a greeting card and fits in a pocket in my new purse. I have several Bibles and I love them all, but I really wanted something smaller, that I could carry inside my purse, so I did not have so much to keep up with at Church. So while sitting in Sunday School on Sunday I noticed a girl with one similar to this one and thought how cute and perfect size. So I went looking and found this one.
My mother-n-law bought us dinner out tonight for taking her shopping. Its the first time I have eaten out since last Sunday. We dedicated Sunday as our Fat Sunday day. We get to eat out for lunch and eat anything we want and we do not count calories or anything. Well this Sunday we stayed home, because of Easter, but last night we did indulge in pizza delivery. I only had 2 slices though, and it was thin crust, so really I did not indulge to much. I am not much of a pizza eater, but do sacrifice on occasion for the rest of the family, who loves pizza. Tonight we ate at Golden Corral so that I could eat vegetables and would be able to calculate my calories and fiber easily. Anyway, I am stuffed, cause I have not been eating a lot at one meal.

The Angel SOTM

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Sweet Kisses

UMMMM!!! These are wonderful. My darling DH bought these for me for Easter and I am just now getting around to trying them. He knows how much I love coconut and thought I deserved some coconut kisses. Thank you Hershey's for making these delightful and very tempting little kisses. They are awesome!!! I want even go into calories ect... on this cause you know it has to be bad if its coconut and chocolate. I will say though they are generous with the serving amount and if I ate as many as they said I could at one time, I would probably go into a sugar comma. So I will only indulge in a couple at a time about every hour or so and spread out my serving amount throughout the day. Sounds like a great plan I think. LOL!!!! Really just teasing, cause I am on a low calorie/high fiber diet and so if I am going to waste some calories, I am saving for my Carmel frappicino. However, sneaking in a couple of these a day should not be to harmful you think. Okay, I better go into the calorie count if I am planning to be sneaking these. Lets see, a serving is 9 kisses and that is 230 calories and so that would be 26 calories for each, so for 2 I am spending 52 of my 1400 calories I am allowed a day. Not too bad for a yummy treat. I have found a new quote that I am trying to live by now.

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave
with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive
and well preserved body, but rather to
skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand,
latte in the other, body thoroughly used up,
totally worn out and screaming...
"WOOHOO, what a ride!"

Now is that not a great saying!!! I just love it. I definitely want to take my chocolate and Frappicino when I go. I am not picky about the chocolate really, but I definately want the frappicino to be Carmel and since it will be my last, I want the cream and extra Carmel inside and on top. YUM!!!! LOL!!!!
Ok, I am done with Kadie's schooling for the day and about to leave to take my mother-n-law to do some grocery shopping. She wants me to help her find some good fiber/low fat foods that taste good and that will help her get her blood sugar under control. I should not have a problem doing that. I will just show her the stuff I eat.

Beans, Beans a wonderful meal

the more you eat the more you

toot, the more you toot the better

you feel, so eat your beans at every


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Our Easter Day

What a fun Easter Day. It started out at 7:30 this morning when I got up to start lunch. We were going to eat out Lunch, but then last night as I lay in bed, I started thinking about the crowds of people and waiting to be seated and decided to get up at 1:00 in the morning and put on a crock pot of beans and defrost some chicken. This morning I got up and put the chicken on to cook. The house was filled with the smell of beans cooking. What a great smell to wake up too. After getting all the lunch started, I got the rest of the family up to dress for church. We ALL, even my son Kody, loaded up the car and headed to church. It was a wonderful service as expected. They had this huge wooden cross outside and on the cross people brought flowers and nailed them to the cross. I wish I had brought my camera. It was a gorgeous site. Flowers from the top all the way to the bottom. All kinds of flowers. Roses, violets, Easter Lilly's. Just beautiful. The music was breathtaking and the preaching was outstanding. Love this church!!! It was wonderful to have both my children there with me. I was a proud Momma. After church we stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few additions to lunch. I decided on adding homemade macaroni and cheese, broccoli and cauliflower, and cornbread. Of course while I was there, I had to get me a Carmel Frap. YUM!!!! So then we were home to take the family photos and finish cooking lunch. Kody's best friend Travis joined us for lunch. It was a great lunch. Then Kadies little friend Melody from down the street, joined us for a Easter egg hunt. My mother-n-law filled eggs full of change and dollars and Kelvin hid the eggs all around the front yard. It was pretty chilly outside so the egg hunt went fast. The girls had a great time hunting for money though and a little cold did not stop them from running all around the yard in search of the eggs. They both got about $5.00 each and a load of candy. The most fun they had was sitting and opening the eggs and counting the loot. Kadie also got a Easter basket full of candy, a bunny and of course her chocolate Easter bunny. Kody loved his Cadbury eggs and white chocolate bunny. It was a great day. Now I am sitting on the couch in my usual comfortable place, uploading pictures and typing about this day and thinking about how awesome God is to give me such a great family. Without him, there would not be days like this. Thank you Jesus, for all that you have done and still do for us, so that we can have days like this. Thank you for my family. Now on the other side of my brain, I am thinking a good nap right now would be the icing on the cake. I hope everyone had a great day as we did. Happy Easter to all who read this!!!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter Weekend

Hi Everyone, Just busy working on my blog today. Adding fun stuff to the page and pictures ect...I wanted to stop and say hi and wish everyone a Happy Easter. I am just hanging out on the couch, watching movies, working on my blog, surfing other blogs, and staying warm. I cannot believe how cold it is outside right now and that its sleeting in April. Just a week ago we were in the 80's. It always amazes me how fast the weather changes in Texas. I have lived here for 35 years and I am still amazed.
Later I am off to Wal-Mart for some Easter goodies for tomorrow. That should be a fun experience. But one must do, what one must do to get those chocolate Easter bunnies and Cadbury eggs. My kids would think the world was coming to a end if I did not have those for Easter day. My son is 19 and still expects his Cadbury Carmel filled eggs for Easter. Oh the things we start when our kids are young. Oh well, its a small sacrifice for such a awesome son.
Above is a card I made for a card swap on I wanted to share it, cause its a Easter card and since Easter is tomorrow, I thought it would be fitting to share. The stamp is a set from Stamp'in Up, that I borrowed from a friend. The inside reads "May the miracle of Easter bring you renewed faith, hope, and happiness." Isn't that sweet! I love it. It comes with the set, along with several other sayings, and a flower stamp. Cute set!!! Thanks Jeannette for letting me borrow it.
OK, I am off to be creative some more and go to Wal-Mart. I hope everyone has a great Easter Day tomorrow. I hope God blesses each of you greatly!!!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I have a plan!!!

Surprise!!! I am back. This time with a plan for my blog. For the last few weeks I have been a blogaholic!!! Its been fun just surfing the net and reading and looking at all the great stamping blogs out there. I have not even ventured into the scrapbooking ones. That will be a whole different world I am sure. Anyway, it has made me realize that I too can use my blog to show off my love of scrapbooking and stamping and the many, many other hobbies and collections that I love. Before my great light bulb moment, I was thinking that I had to journal my days and let me tell you, that can sometimes be very boring to read. So now that I am thinking outside that little tiny box, I am excited that I have gotten the idea to share my addictions rather than just my thoughts of the day. So check back in a few days and hopefully I will have filled my blog with lots of fun and interesting things to read and look at. I have started out today with some of my favorite music on my nifty little mp3 player that I downloaded from Very cool site. Its free to join and if you put in my referral # 202371 when you register, I get more free music to add to my mp3 player. Yippy!!!! So go sign up!!! Ok, back to adding more music for your listening pleasure.