Friday, February 16, 2007

Lame Blogger

Ok, Ok, Ok, I know, I am a lame blogger. Its hard for me to sit still long enough to think of things to say. Let me think..... What has happen since I last posted???? Thinking......Thinking....
Ok, well I had a birthday. Feb. 12. That is something. I turned the big 44. No matter how you change the numbers around, I am still 44. LOL!!!! I had a great birthday. My husband took me shopping and out to dinner. I of course went scrapbook shopping. Is there really any other kind of shopping? Who needs clothes or shoes. Just buy me pajamas and scrapbook supplies and you have made me a very happy women. Also Valentines was this past week. Again my husband spoiled me big time. He bought me a funny card, the movie Flicka, Whitmans chocolates, a single Rose and he fixed me the most awesome dinner at home where I could wear my P.J.s. Now what more could a girl ask for. What a wonderful man I have. I guess you can say I trained him well. LOL!!! After 24 years he should be trained well. He also spoiled my little girl too. Not only is he a great husband, but he is a awesome daddy. He bought her candy, a rose and a sweet little pink monkey. She named it Monkey Butt. LOL!!! That is his nickname for her so she decided she needed to name her monkey Monkey Butt!!! Do not ask me why or where he came up with that name, but he has been calling her that for several years. Daddys are funny about nicknames. My dad use to call my JeanieBeanie. It has followed me through the years but with a slight change. My friends call me Jeanie Beanie Baby!!! Lets hope that Kadies nickname makes some changes through the years. I would hate to be called Monkey Butt when I was 44. LOL!!! I guess though if its her daddy, she will not care. Of course he would be like 80 years old or so when she is 44. I doubt she will grip to much at him at that age. I am thinking though when she hits her later teens, she will make him change. Who knows. She is such a sweetie, she may not care. My sons name is Kody and we always called him Kodymus. Now again you cannot ask where that name come from. Just one of those things. We still call him that every so often. He is 19 now. Nicknames are fun.
Ok so enough on the nickname business. What else have I been doing. Oh I know something. I have been working on some cards and surfing the internet for layout sketches. I got a post in my email today from a lady in a scrapbook group I am in. She posted a great website for sketches. I really do like it and cannot wait to print them and do some. There are even some card sketches. I could always use new ideas for cards. Ok, Thats it for now.
See ya on the flip side!!!! Signing out!!! Nanew, Nanew!!!